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Why Corporate Communication is Needed?

According to Forbes, 68% of people fail in their first job due to lack of proper skills and planning, effective communication being one of them. Effective Corporate communication is essential for career growth and success in today's competitive job market.

What You Will Learn In The 2-Hour Online Workshop

Everything in the workshop is backed by Experience and Experiments

Success Blockers

Corporate Communication Steps

Difference in Skills between an average and a performer

What skills make some people grow exponentially in their careers from the very beginning?

7 ways to communicate like a pro

Learn the 7 things that needs to be keep in mind to mesmerize anyone.

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Meet Your Trainer

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Leadership and Communication coach | 20+ Years of Experience & 1,00,000+ Life Transformation

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is an Erickson Certified Coach (ICF accredited) and Former Gladrags Mrs. India (Runner up) offering Communication training and coaching solutions to corporates and individuals who are stuck or want to accelerate in their careers.

 Having witnessed poor Communication in her corporate stint inspired her to create a method that should be easy to be adopted by any ambitious individual who wants to pace up in their career as they wish.

A decade of experience with MNCs like Citi and Barclays in various leadership positions has given Yukti a practical perspective of the critical skills required to succeed in corporate life, and with an unmatched passion to share her wealth of knowledge and experience, she designed this Masterclass.

Everything is possible if you learn how, What and when to say.

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Worked With Large Corporates & Organizations

Everything you need to achieve success... is inside this workshop!

Everything in the workshop is backed by Experience

Corporate Communication Masterclass

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What you will learn:

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