inner leadership programs

Upskilling Leadership Mastery ( ULM)

A mastery course in Spiritual Leadership for your complete well-being, and strength to lead intrinsically, with authenticity and ease. LIVE Masterclasses every fortnight (weekend) to accommodate this transformation within your busy calendar. Don't let anything stop you now!

Duration: 12 Months 

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7 Guided Meditations for Leaders

Fuel your soul with power and peace, with these 7 guided meditations on meaningful intentions such as - Bliss, Surrendering, Deep relaxation, Creating balance, White light, Dropping judgements and Chakra Cleansing. The leader within you is craving for this 'me' time - it's time to give it the same.

Duration: For everyday of the Week ...Month...and Year

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Upskilling Leadership Blueprint ( ULB)

Learn how to tap into your own ability to be creative, to think in critical ways, to communicate effectively and to collaborate well with others. 

Duration: 2 weeks 

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Upskilling Leadership Challenge ( ULC )

How to elevate your self-awareness, enhance your Emotional Intelligence, resolve conflicts, and become a great decision-maker

Duration: 4 weeks 

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Upskilling Leadership Program (ULP)

Power-packed course with 8 keys Leadership skills, to help you lead with impact. This is ALL you need to be an inspiring leader in your life and business. 

Duration: 6 weeks 

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Goal Setting Course

Learn powerful tools to set realistic goals while being motivated to keep focus and stay on track.

Duration: 4 Hours 

(Will soon be back again)

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