Goal-setting for Go-getters

Preparation is everything.

This new year, set your goals like never before !

While everyone might claim to set goals, not many can stay on track. 

Reason? ...Way too many! 

The thing that holds people back from their dreams and desires is the inability to create effective goals and execute them. That is why there are almost a million google searches per month by people who are trying to figure out how to set achievable goals. That is why this course is essential for you. 

To start with, we might not be setting the goals the way they should be, and hence it appears to be more like an intention. 

Secondly, we might set up goals that are not aligned to our purpose or add meaning to our overall objectives. 

Thirdly, we might ...well, let us stop here, and go deeper instead.   

Here is what you will learn in this Course:

  • 3 Powerful tools to Set Realistic Goals
  • How to stay Self-Motivated throughout the year
  • How to keep Focus and Stay on track

Course Duration: 4 hours

Course Dates - 12 and 13th December 2020

Course Timing: 3 PM to 5 PM

Course Fee: INR 999/- (all-inclusive) 


Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Goal-Setting course is for go-getters to provide them with best practices and powerful tools and techniques to be successful, achieve their goals, and reach their dreams!

Find clarity about what you really want in life

Create an Actionable plan 

Develop meaningful goals that inspire you, and achieve them.

About Yukti K. Mehandiratta

Founder CEO - SBY Academy LLP, Leadership & Etiquette Coach

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is a Certified Leadership & Etiquette Coach, a mentor, an advisor and an acknowledged Keynote Speaker on various corporate, social and entrepreneurial platforms including Unplugged by TEDxGateway. 

Yukti is a seasoned Coach and passionately promotes SBY Academy as a platform that enables individuals to strengthen their productivity, performance, presentability and people-skills, thereby shaping them into impactful and effective Leaders.

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