Executive Coaching for CXOs

A competitive business landscape and the growing digital revolution are reshaping the mix of employees. How do you lead them from the front? How do you nurture the human-to-human connection that is the lifeblood of your organization? We’ll crack all this and more.

Coaching for Middle Management

Collaborating with the finest heads to create something inspiring, contributing consciously to each other’s excellence, while pushing boundaries of your own caliber: these are some of the core issues we attack head-on to catapult middle management to its highest level.

Coaching for First-time Managers

Today’s cut-throat world has no room for trial and error. First-time Managers got to be on their toes from get-go. They got to be FTR (First Time Right principle). We fuel the top-rankers with tools and processes to transform the way they work with teams.

Coaching for Women Making a Comeback

As a mompreneur who made a successful career comeback, Yukti knows what it takes to catch up when you return to work after a break. We help women make a smooth, confident transition, ensuring that they’ll be at their best, both in the workplace and at home.