Ready to acquire the ‘real’ leadership skills to succeed in the post pandemic world?

Upskilling Leadership Blueprint

Step-by-step guide for inspiring & impactful leadership in Post-Covid times.

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Upskilling Leadership Blueprint is a two-week online course for leaders who consciously learn to stay relevant and reinvent in Post-Covid times.

Long heralded as key competences for 21st-century leaders, the ”Four Cs” (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration) are often embraced in theory yet stump leaders in practice.

Creativity and Critical Thinking represent inseparable attitudes and abilities for innovation which, contrary to popular belief, CAN be learned at any career stage. Communication and Collaboration are fundamental life skills that leaders can draw from, in their everyday experiences at workplace and shape their ability to lead, connect with others and be future-ready.

This course aims to provide entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate executives with the knowledge, the know-how and the confidence to incorporate these stimulating skills into practice, and gain greater knowledge about what these competencies entail, to ensure success.

This 4-module course will help you to learn how to tap into your own ability to be creative, to think in critical ways, to communicate effectively and to collaborate well with others.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to make the best decisions in your personal and professional life?
  • How to think 'out of the box' and stay relevant in the times to come?
  • How to create a balance between logical reasoning and your emotions?
  • How to develop collaborative skills and partner with others to achieve more success?
  • How to communicate effectively in the virtual/online space?
  • Gain a clear understanding of the relevance of these 4 C skills for your business or profession.

Calling entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate executives who consider leadership as a responsibility to continuously add value by staying relevant.

Key highlights

  • Step by step guide to improve each of these skills 
  • Learn at your own pace 
  • Exclusive interviews with industry experts
  • Access to carefully handpicked learning resources
  • Connect and be a part of like-minded community
  • Membership for Silhouette Circle, a close group of lifelong learners
  •  Using empowering and powerful concepts and translating them into simple & practical implications


The value creation is priceless!
Strongly recommend this course for all - from Millennials to the Senior Leaders. High quality content delivered with sound  structure.

Rakesh Bhatia

SVP, EcoFirst Services Ltd (A TATA Enterprise)

This was just the Brain Food I required in this lockdown. There was so much to learn and introspect. I could identify so many areas to work on myself as a manager, leader and even a person.  

Sqn Ldr Saumyata Singh(Retd)

Logistics & SCM

Practical application of teaching to real world situations. Quality course content comprising self reflection, deep concept building, exercises, and exclusive expert insights. Takeaways are far too many.

Abhijit Sanzgiri

Sr. Partner, A. P. Sanzgiri & Co.

There are four modules webinars in the ULB(Upskilling Leadership Blueprint) curriculum, and we release one module every 5 days, through a live webinar. Each webinar will help you to assess your current understand of the 4 C’s and share tips & tricks to strengthen them further. After every module you will have access to additional relevant resources to help you deep-dive and apply what you learn to your business. You will also get access to exclusive interviews with domain experts during this course.


  • We recommend that you block 1 hour as your ULB learning time, everyday, anytime at your convenience. However, you can also do it at your own pace during the week.
  • Yes. Once you register, you'll have access to the course content for lifetime, so you can go back to it, anytime you want.
  • - Direct access to our Coach, Ms. Yukti, during weekly LIVE leadership webinars. 
  •       - You can email your queries to us at [email protected] 
  •       - You can also use the 'CHAT' option on the course delivery page, for a quick response.
  • Soon after making the payment, you will receive a Welcome email on your registered email ID with course instructions. You will also get immediate access to the course orientation video, which will unfold all there is to know about the course delivery. From thereon, you need to visit and LOGIN using your registered email address and password, and start accessing the course content. We'll also send you an email reminder everyday, on new chapter release.
  • Yes, you will. Just ensure that you clear the assessment after completing all the modules. You can even download the certificate as a proud ULB Graduate. 

Registrations are OPEN.

For this Leadership intensive of 2-weeks, 

curated to sharpen the most critical skills imperative for success in Post-Covid times.  

Course Fee: INR 19,996/-
Now at INR 4999/- only