upskilling leadership Mastery

There is an old saying that you can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to implement organizational leadership without strong personal spiritual leadership. Spirituality is a muscle than needs to be strengthened with learning and practice. 

We bring to you, Upskilling Leadership Mastery - a one year Spiritual leadership course that’ll intrinsically motivate and inspire you to elevate your leadership skills and create a highly motivated, committed and productive workforce. 

In this course, you will learn how to identify and elevate the values, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to intrinsically motivate one’s self and satisfy fundamental needs for spiritual well-being, which positively influences your financial, social, emotional and mental well-being. 

Upskilling Leadership Mastery (ULM) is a mastery in leadership that’ll help you to:

  1. Cultivate mindfulness and mindful awareness
  2. Imbibe a sense of purpose and meaning in life
  3. Build the ability to follow inner convictions
  4. Improve your financial position; either in job or business
  5. Collaborative, consensus-based decision making
  6. Establish deep trust within your relationships
  7. Managing and overcoming resistance to change
  8. Enhance your level of commitment and productivity at work
  9. Managing conflicts in business and personal relations
  10. Empower and motivate your teams to take up more ownership

ULM Course Content

ULM is a 12 month course with one topic being taken up every month. It delivers Spiritual Leadership that’ll help you to deeply understand, strengthen and leverage upon certain key leadership & life skills, such as: 

How to enjoy responsibilities and bring in deeper sense of ownership

How to let-go and release your energy to create more in life

Ego & Resistance
How to edge-out ego and overcome resistance to achieve more success in life

How to understand our deep-rooted behaviors and bring in necessary changes

Belief Systems & Concepts
How to break out of our limiting beliefs about money, love, success, growth etc

Criticism & Judgement
How to stop judging others and not feel judged by them

How to manage and overcome anger and not allow it to limit our success or happiness

How to attract more love and deepen the sense of belongingness

How to drop the guilt and live with light-heartedness

Stress Management
How to make stress your friend and use it to unleash your potential

Freedom & Space
How to understand and appreciate freedom and create healthy space in relationships

Servant Leadership
How to elevate our leadership beyond position or power, and serve others gracefully

ULM Course Structure:

  • LIVE Masterclass (for 2 hours) every month; elaborating the concept and exploring the depth of each topic
  • Life Projects on each topic every month, bringing concepts to practical application
  • Open Mic (for 2 hours) every month for Q&A and LIVE presentations on the projects
  • And, a Support System to build emotional strength and accountability throughout the course period

Upskilling Leadership Mastery course will not only lead to beneficial personal outcomes (higher levels of physical health, psychological well-being, emotional strength and life satisfaction) but that it’ll also deliver improved leadership skills, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Course Fee: INR 99,990/- (all inclusive)

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